Michelin Tires

16" Sizes -

Michelin XL
9.00 x 16 = 36.1" x 9.8"
11.00 x 16 = 38.7" x 10.9"

Michelin XML
325 / 85 / 16 = 38.7" x 12.9"

Michelin XZL
9.00 x 16 = 36.1" x 9.8"
8.25 x 16
7.50 x 16

Comments -

"Greg and I have had a set of XZL 9.00 x 16 on the D-90 for over a year now and I have never been happier with a set of tires. We have always used BFG and I think we still would have been. We tried a set of Dunlops in Moab last year and we ripped two sidewalls and knocked it off of the bead 4 times. We have never had this bad luck with the BFGs. We talked to Michelin about how much we like the XZL, yet most people are not looking for something that large, so they are sending us several sets of a tire that they have in France. It is the XZL style in a 8.25 x 16. It is an 8 ply radial with steel side wall, like its big brother the 9.00 x 16. I am not that good at converting ratios but I believe that they are about 33.8" tall and about 7" wide. So very tall and skiny."
-Brandi Albright

"The X 4x4 is available in 7.50R16 and is a good on/off tyre. It is a very strong, tubed tyre. You will not get a flat (unless you go below 10#s air, but this tyre is designed to have firm sidewalls). There are more Michelins available in 16 inch. The one you show is more for boxvans/ambulances/pick ups than off road trucks. It is a good fleet tyre. Check with Safari Gard on their 36.4 inch XZL and they also have 7.50R16 XCL, which used to be the top off-road tyre, bar none. (Now discontinued) XPC's aren't that great. There are a whole bunch more Michelins out there, but they are hard to find info on, IMHO."

I have used this size on my 90 for three years now, they have performed very well in almost all conditions. The only problem is in conditions requiring flotation, they have almost none. The size is a good fit on the 90, and in proportion to the rest of the vehicle. If anybody wants to ask further questions please contact me at Michaelndoherty@aol.com.