Fender Trimming

by Charles Morris

The completed job.
I regularly have to point out the trim job.
The fender flairs are obvious, but the fender trimming itself is clean and unnoticeable.
I now have Desert Rover Quarter Panel Protectors attached and they cover the Rubicon damage wonderfully.
I hear a jig saw is the way to go to trim the fender flairs. Use an extra fine blade though. I used a Dremel. Definitely the hard way to go, but creates a super smooth edge.
You need to create a template of the original shape of the lip and trim only the fender to match this new shape. Do NOT trim the lip which the fender flair attaches to. You will need this to reattach the fender flair.
Once trimmed, a hinge is created by the lip. The fender is pushed back behind the quarter panel and riveted in place. The sharp edge of the trimmed fender is hidden by the fender flair.
Crisp and clean.