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I would like to think I'm a better mechanic than videographer. I tried to catch the instruments- EGT, RPM, etc. in action.
I've had the opportunity to take multiple "test drives", you know, for quality control, while the 109 has been here. It starts at the touch of the key and drives well.
The small diameter steering wheel travels further than a larger diameter would, but it's not distracting, you just have to plan for it.
Running 2nd and third gears to 3200 rpm gets you into 4th gear around 43mph and 4th gear works well with the torque curve. I've seen 60mph and although you'll know it's a diesel, I like the sound.
Children in the back seat can carry on a normal conversation that you will likely never hear!
Not really sure what a Cummins maximum rpm is, but at 3200 rpm, I never felt like I needed more.
Hope this helps!

Also, many of the pictures show a roof rack but it is not currently fitted.
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