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CDN38 March 1st, 2016 01:04 PM

Upper rear speaker panel for 6 1/2" speakers
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I have spent the last couple months developing a replacement panel for the rear of a 110 that can hold a 6 1/2" round speaker (I used a Focal 165 AC).

Installed the first one in a friends truck on the weekend, very pleased with the result, install didn't take long. The panel and speakers are very secure in place.

If there is interest, and I have some time once I am finished putting my truck back together, I would be able to make more and offer them for sale.

Don't really have an idea on pricing yet, I have spent a ton of hours making various versions and adjustments to get just the right fit, and ability to adjust at install for a proper fit to the Landrover "build tolerances".

Let me know if there's any interest....

Matt_110 March 1st, 2016 01:08 PM

Yep...need one. Subscribed

generalcutter March 1st, 2016 01:39 PM

Would be interested in a set.

Wolf Fabrication March 1st, 2016 04:41 PM

Interested as well.

sjpin March 1st, 2016 07:22 PM

Me too.

4RF RDS May 18th, 2016 08:19 AM

I too am interested. Looks as though you'd lose the handles above the rear door, is that correct?

Godfrog May 18th, 2016 08:38 AM

Interested but in the UK alas

roverman2010 May 18th, 2016 08:41 AM

Looks good.

Handles??? What handles

Krebslicious May 18th, 2016 11:37 AM

Count me in!

icnsltmfg May 18th, 2016 12:37 PM

I assume they would work in a D90 too?

Avahdani May 18th, 2016 02:04 PM

Count me in for 97 SW

Viton May 18th, 2016 04:14 PM

If they fit a '97 90SW, I'd be interested. Be nice to get the speakers up off the floor.

CDN38 May 18th, 2016 07:09 PM

Just about to get back to putting more of these panels together hopefully. I'm working on finding a more cost effective local upholsterer (the 2 that I have done are spot on perfect, but "perfect" upholstery costs may be a little more than what people are wanting to spend.

Currently, finished (and upholstered) they are coming in at just over $625 US (did I say I wanted to improve the upholstery price?? As it's a majority of the cost) Stay tuned.

Installation requires 4 rivnuts to be placed in the existing screws holes for the 2 grab handles above the rear door. This allows the centre of the panel to be retained firmly, (as well as you can put the grab handles back on if you like, bolted through the panel to the original. It does attach to the top under the speakers too)

This is a universal fit in a hard top aluminum Defender roof. I have installed 1 in a '98 110, a 2001 110. With "build tolerances" there's wiggle room to fit properly (this replaces the existing factory rear panel) and requires trimming of the rear quarter light trim.

I'll be back on this in the coming weeks, just sold my house but not sure when I have to pack up the shop.

icnsltmfg May 18th, 2016 07:58 PM

I would almost do it out of MDF with a router and router out the center hole for the speaker and then as an option have it upholstered for the higher end trucks and sprayed to match whatever color for the lower end installs...would be more cost effective...just a thought...they look great!

CDN38 May 18th, 2016 08:08 PM

I have been using Baltic Birch plywood. It's constructed with more veneers per unit of thickness than other types of plywood. Ideal for routering, scroll sawing or for applications requiring high stability, also it's more moisture resistant that MDF (AKA beaver puke .LOL. I have always figured if it's in a Defender, moisture is always a concern).

I did consider MDF, but weight is also a concern, again I think this plywood is a better option.

All the pieces are pattern routed.

GuamPilot May 18th, 2016 08:43 PM

Does the $625us quoted above include the speakers?

My wife is interested which means I'm interested. But we would like you to find significantly less costly upholstery.


Mike & Carrie

CDN38 May 18th, 2016 11:14 PM


Originally Posted by GuamPilot (Post 740119)
Does the $625us quoted above include the speakers?

My wife is interested which means I'm interested. But we would like you to find significantly less costly upholstery.


Mike & Carrie

Speakers not included.. Crutch field has them for $229 (they are closer to $400 here in Canadia!)

Again... I'm hoping to find better a better upholstery cost which I'm hoping will bring this down to around $450

CDN38 July 19th, 2016 01:23 PM

Been busy working away on these panels. Testing out different variations of depth of the panel to allow for more volumetric space behind the driver. Test fitting in several different Defenders to confirm fitting within the "Landrover build tolerance"

For upholstery, I have been trying Katzkin, its REALLY nice, (same as the photo of the completed panel above) I have a grey that is a really close match to the grey interior panel colour of Defenders. I'll have more photos of the final completed product later this week. (if you like something other than grey, we can do that) Nice thing with this material is it conforms well to all the curves, and doesn't split, tear or wrinkle

Looks like with the Katzkin material, pricing will be $525 USD. There are no seams or overlaps in the upholstery, it's a gorgeous fit and finish.

The panels will come with a complete set of installation instructions, (with photos of the install procedure).

Grab handles - if you want to retain the grab handles above the rear door, it's no problem. They can be mounted anywhere on the surface of the panel. It's VERY secure when in place.

Defender 90 SW - yes, this panel will fit in your truck.

Godfrog - no issues on getting one of these to you in the UK, I have a few connections with shipping that could make it pretty easy for you.

Stay tuned for additional photos later this week. I'm thinking I will be able to start taking at taking orders on these by next week.

CDN38 August 22nd, 2016 12:07 PM

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Ready to go!

I've gone a slightly different direction for mounting, rivnuts are no longer required (I figured not everyone has a rivnut tool) The main panel is mounted in 4 positions to factory mounts. Also, with the new fastening method it allows for more adjustability to deal with the LR "build tolerance".

Last thing to figure out was the curved return that is on the bottom of the main panel over the door. How do you make 3/4" material 1 1/2" wide over the door? (see photo) Well, I figured that one out, and it came out looking great.

There are 3 pieces. The main panel, and 2 speaker rings. All 3 come upholstered, and pre drilled to mount to inside back of the roof on factory mounts, all mounting hardware included.

Pricing is $525 for the complete kit, ready to install. Only drilling that is required is for the 4 holes to mount your speakers on the actual speaker rings.

This is a very solid piece of kit, professionally upholstered. Your 6 1/2" speakers will be held firm in place, and the panel is rock solid.

All panels will be securely packaged for transport (I hate it when I buy something and it shows up with a big dent in it. Just ask anyone I have shipped something to how securely packaged it was!)

PM me with an email address and I can provide more detailed photos, and shipping costs.

the_eaze August 22nd, 2016 03:24 PM

Are these secure enough to mount grab handles on them?

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