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Bubba January 6th, 2016 04:18 PM

CA Emissions
Hello everyone,
Newbie here on the site and I have seen that this question has been asked before but was hoping to get not only current info but the answers in one place. So please forgive me if I am asking redundant questions. I have been bitten by the bug and want to drive a defender in Ca. Perhaps I need a good kick in there head but not sure how much good it will do. At least that it what my wife says.

So here I go... 25 years old, yes.
1) It seems easier to buy one already in CA. But 3.5L v8 or diesel? I understand that the diesels,
are not legal in Ca. But if already in? (no biannual check needed if 1997 or younger)
2) upon transfer from CA seller to CA buyer (already registered or they just lucky?) will I need certificate of compliance? Petrol or diesel? What if brought in from out of state?
3) If V8, as biannual smog is required, can the 3.5L V8 be retrofitted with the smog equipment and what emissions parts are needed?

That about sums it up. Thanks for any desire to rehash this info.
Happy new year everyone!

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