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D90Overkill December 15th, 2014 12:46 AM

Can't fix the title, but it crashes the defender source app. Not the iPhone. My bad. Tried this three times and it persists. Anyone else? All threads work properly, but when I click on "rovers in the snow" I get a "time out error." Then all other threads "time out error" as well. Takes a full logout and login to open other threads, but if I click rovers in the snow again, the process repeats. Weird! Is it my phone or does something need a Mod fix? Done a full reboot, but problem persists.

psykokid December 15th, 2014 01:05 AM

I was having problems getting the page to load today earlier on my laptop running win7 and chrome.. Kept getting timeouts and 503 errors. Only on that thread though.. Seems to have worked its way out on my end though as I was just trying to post some pics from playing in the snow this weekend and I have accomplished this feat.

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