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mgreenspan June 26th, 2013 06:39 PM

Need to sell one
Former B reg '85 model year 110 county station wagon or B reg '84 110. One is registered and titled in Texas the other is registered and titled in Mississippi. Both located in North Eastern Mississippi about an hour west of Tuscaloosa AL.

I have posted them before off and on but really want one gone as I don't have time for two anymore. $18.5k for the 110 station wagon $7k for the 110 pickup. These prices are fairly firm; however, I will entertain trades or partial trades for any station wagons, or medium or large sized SUVs w/4x4 like a GX470 sized, any Toyota product, other Land Rovers like 04 DIIs or LR3s etc. Something that is still convenient to owning a large dog and a baby. I would also sell both and unload all the crap I have for a decent price.

Feel free to email any questions to I have a bunch of parts that you can add on to a potential purchase if interested.

High points on the station wagon are replacement ashcroft trans(LT85 and t-case 1.003 ratio), fab'd interior roll cage, new exmoor seats, solid frame. Low points are bulkhead foot wells(pictured, not that terrible), door bottoms, patina(because most people are into flashy), wants a more powerful/efficient radiator. Replacement rear lower quarter finishing panels and foot wells come with the station wagon.

110 pickup high points are solid frame and bulkhead fairly straight and bargain price and uniqueness in that it was an ex-MoD(released in '97) but pre dates 110 contract and is civilian spec. Low points are nobody wants to drive a 2.5 petrol 110, beater pickup cab, horrendous paint from ex-Mod days, and needs a general going through.

Himalaya June 26th, 2013 09:25 PM

pm sent

mgreenspan June 27th, 2013 08:41 AM

The pickup is currently being used as a DD by myself and for around town things. It works but isn't perfect. It is severely under priced. I'm more inclined to sell it since I put more love into the station wagon.

This was what I sent to Lane a few weeks ago when he was on the prowl. Only change is I have the MS title finally(they took forever with it in the mail, ridiculous but whatever) and it's got plates and is ready to go. I've been driving it to work daily now but it's only a couple of miles drive. Been using it around town as well. Starts every time quickly with the choke. I still have copies of all the import paper work as well.

"Here is what I copied from an email that I sent to the last interested buyer for it. He asked some questions and I think they answer the questions and describe the vehicle fairly well. It's really solid in terms of rust. The photos on the website show the spots pretty well. There is the one in the foot well that is nearly a non factor in my opinion and then the rear x-member which is isolated as well. I think the ex-mod combined with the 2.5 petrol engine gave it a fairly easy life.

Are there any parts that go with the truck and if so, where are they and how can I arrange pick up? The only parts that go with it are the ones that are on it. It is fairly complete though and isn't missing anything really.
  1. Will the truck make a trip from MS or NC to Northern NJ? A better question... would you let your wife and child drive this truck that distance with complete confidence that it would make the trip just fine?

Million dollar question. I would drive it any distance personally. I used it regularly in the UK for going to town or picking up furniture or taking recycling away or going to the scrapyard. I lent it out with confidence to other people to use when their cars were broken. Would I let my wife drive in it... no. I stopped letting her drive in the Discovery after the AC broke with her and my daughter out in TX. So I bought her a new car. Obviously this doesn't have AC but I prefer to have no worries when it comes to the ladies out on the road. Do I think anything would happen to it on a long road trip? Probably not. But as with these sorts of old trucks things happen and it might happen on a road trip or a week later or a year later. Who knows. I don't know if that is the best answer... but if it makes your decision on shipping or flying in and driving it back easier; I would suggest that shipping would be worth it in the end because it is not very comfortable at all.
  1. Anything I should be concerned with on such a drive?

Not really. It runs and drives and stops, doesn't have death wobble or anything terrible like that when you drive so I consider it safe and would personally have no problem driving it any distance, but I'm probably more trusting and crazier than most other LR owners.
  1. Do you have any history, records, receipts, literature or manuals that go with the truck?

Don't have much except for the import documentation. I lost a lot of my work receipts from stuff I did to my two trucks in the move and haven't found them yet.(I did speak with Dunsfold and they recommended that I get in touch with something or other British military history and they would be able to give me more info on it).
  1. I presume, that everything that's on the truck comes with it ie. British registration plates etc...

British plates and all come with it.
  1. Has it been registered in the US? Did not see a US license plate

It is title and registered in MS. I have the MS plate but haven't put it on yet. The official copy of the title in my name is still in the mail but I have the paper receipt(it should be in the mail waiting for me when I get home).
  1. All the negatives that you would have observed in driving and ownership...

The 2.5 petrol is very under powered. It can go 60-70 on the highway but uphill is not its strong point. Gets fair mileage, maybe a little better than a Discovery w/ a V8. I haven't really used it for a tank of straight highway so I dont know the mileage for that. It looks beat up due to probably 10 layers of paint. The heater blower doesn't work. Not a prob depending on the weather.
  1. What are the first 5 things you would do for the truck from this point on?

If I were to keep it instead of sell it I would do these.
1. Engine swap - this is strictly for driving pleasure. The 2.5 isn't bad but it's not as good as other engines. I would think a 200tdi would be the best for it; however, they are far too expensive to source in the US in my opinion so I would suggest a 4.0 or greater Rover V8. It would be a lot cheaper and probably easier to find an engine.
2.Paint - Anything would be better. I intended to paint it pastel green like an older series truck. This would make it look significantly better even if painted with brushes and rollers.
3. Replace the pickup cab w/ soft top - Nothing wrong with the cab really except for space and if you're somewhere it gets warm, the soft top would be really nice.
4. Full service - I would just go over everything and replace the fluids and brakes and check all the hoses and bushings etc to ensure it will keep going longer. I found that in the UK with these older trucks(I had 4 at one point) random things will go or be worn at various stages and it's not typical of a newer car where things you would expect are worn simply because of their age.
5.New tires - the ones on it are old and use tubes. I hate tubes and would recommend tubeless tires w/ tubeless steel rims or spacers with alloy wheels.

Doesn't have door lock keys and the front drivers sliding window is what I would call intermittent. Sometimes the lock on that window works and sometimes it doesn't. Opens and closes fine, but won't lock sometimes. I'll email more minor details like that if they come to mind. But I think that's about it. It has power steering which is a big plus. That's the only option on it. All the wipers, lights, and horn work. And that is about the only stuff on the vehicle. Current bumper was one that I took off another 90 parts truck I had that I'm pretty sure the owner drove through the ocean launching boats(there is a tow hitch on it that is kinda bent but that 90 was a rusty mess). It has end caps and the brush guard(some small rust bubbling but not any worse than the average US Discovery's brush guard). Wolf type alloy door tops on the series type two piece door bottoms. This one also has the IPF headlights on it as well. The cab and tailgate I got from a LR show at one of the random stands where a guy was selling parts. It has most of the parts of the headliner and some speakers that could probably be wired easily. I was lazy when I put it on and wasn't ever able to get the rear view mirror mount to unscrew to get the headliner to seat proper so it is kind of resting on the rear view mirror. Probably more info that you would ever need to know."

mgreenspan June 30th, 2013 05:48 PM

Consider the pickup sold. Station wagon is still available; however, not actively for sale. Feel free to drop a line if you want to buy it now or in the future but as things get fixed on it the price will probably increase gradually.

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