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94Rover July 21st, 2008 08:45 PM

29 South/White Hardtop/MD Tags/Saturday 7/19/08
My family and I were on our way to NC Saturday afternoon. Pulled up next to you in our 330xi and gave you your props by blowing the horn. Once again, I was not driving my LR, however I wanted to extend some Rover love.

The interesting thing behind our trip on Saturday was prior to leaving Columbia, I mentioned to my girls that we would start the trip off by counting the # of Land Rovers that we spotted during our trip. My 2 year old tried correcting my 7 year old by saying Range Rover Classics...My 7 year old said "All Land Rovers made before 2001" My wife said "your father is only looking to see how many Range Rover Classics or Defenders he can count between here and Greensboro, NC".... I was in a daze enjoying the fact that we made it to 29S after encountering NO traffic on 95S, 495S, 66W, to 29S... I was thinking about the best possible way for passing the Hearse, and Voila' a white HT D-90 appeared...You actually made my trip complete. Thanks for being out and about on Saturday.

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