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Trade/Sell/etc 2008 F-350 6.4 Diesel - Heavily Modified with Camper

Current Asking Price: $40K

Best way to reach me as I am not usually on a desktop:

So, basically after selling my business, I am focused on traveling for the next 12-18 months. When I listed the Nemo Tacoma, it was because I wanted something more suited to extended travel (ie, a pop-up camper, etc). In February of this year, I drove the Tacoma up to Idaho and traded it for this Ford. It's been a really fun ride and I have done quite a bit of work to the engine and accessories. So, why am I listing it? Well, I knew this from the start, but it's definitely much more truck than I need. I really dont do any serious off road stuff - I mainly travel on highways and forest roads - stuff that you can realistically drive a rental car over (just make sure to get the insurance). The lift, the 37" tires, etc....they are overkill really. I bought the truck for the camper aspect and in that sense it's been great - it's really easy for me to live out of for 2-3 weeks at time with my bikes, fishing gear, etc

What am I looking for next? Well, I am open to ideas on trades and obviously open just to sell it straight up. Converted Sprinter Vans, Sportsmobiles, Fuso Trucks, Truck/Camper Combos, Defender 110s, Built Land Cruisers - worst I could say is no.

I am not totally ruling out keeping this truck. I will be driving and using it regularly in the mean time. If it doesnt sell - what I might do is lower the suspension a bit, and put a utility bed on there with a new camper. But before I do that, I wanted to put the feelers out and see if there were any interesting trades/deals/etc in it's current state

So, here are the upgrades/modifications/service done on this beast of a truck. I will post up some good pictures of everything once I get it cleaned up and the weather clears (who knew it would be constantly raining in Texas at the end of June).

Here are some pictures from the PO in it's various states: Off-Road escape pod! - Expedition Portal!

The platform is a 2008 F350 FX4 4X4 6.4 twin turbo Diesel with all recalls performed - loaded window sticker (which I think I have) was 56k

General Specs:
Black Leather
Heated seats
Power everything
4x Uplifter switches (on wired to the front HIDs and the other the side LEDs)
Winter package - dual insulated batteries
Removed all FX4 stickers
Bed Liner - rhino liner type (not sure if it's factory or what brand name really)


8in Fabtec lift- $1100
Custom track bars in the rear(horrible axel wrap without them)- $800
Airbags with wireless controller/moniter- $1200

DPF delete
SS Bullet exhaust- nice sound, and keeps the egt's down- $650
AFE intake- $350
Sparten Tuned with Dash DAQ with three selectable tunes (in the process of updating this to the newest tunes)$1200
51 gallon titan fuel tank - Getting 12-17 MPG you can do the math - $1100
17" MT wheels - painted black with some paint chipping - $700
2" billet wheel spacers- $400
CB Radio in the cab
Fabtec dual steering stabilizers$200
Warn front Bumper-$3000
Warn 16.5k winch- $2300
Aluminess rear bumper with baja box- $3800
Rigid led's on the side of camper - wired to factory uplifter switch - gives great wide/side lights-$180
Eclipse NAV system - not the most fancy but it does have really extensive maps - I have never been on a road it didnt recognze -$2300
kenwood 5 channal amp-$700
Polk 12"sub - $50
infinty door speakers- $300
2001 Sunlite Eagle SB 6.5 bed- original sticker says $10900 - I reupholstered the camper totally and pulled out some of the frilly window dressings and stuff. It had all the tacky RVer crap in there - I like plain and simple.
Frame mounted tie downs for camper
200 Watt solar up top - never had and issue with keeping enough juice in the battery for me using it. Really the battery just runs the lights and the water pump when you need it as well as any accessories you want to plug in-$800
1 AGM battery in camper. There is space to run two and the solar charge controller can handle two batteries, but I have never needed more than one.

2k powermate gen - this was a cheap generator included with the sale.

Camper Details:
2001 Sunlite Eagle SB 6.5 bed
I went over the exterior and resealed just about any seam you can think of. Doesnt look factory perfect, but it's definitely robust.
New Upholstry throughout
Sink with pump
Lots of windows/light
Two-burner stove
3 way Dometic fridge. I run it on propane usually and it lasts and lasts. I seem to get about 2 weeks use out of one 20lb tank - that's with some cooking (once a day) on the stove top.
Probably about a 10-15 gallon water tank for the sink.
No hot water - that's one thing I would add - I have been using a solar shower.
30 exterior plug for shore power.

Here is what I have done since owning the truck:

At 98K Miles:
Full EGR Delete
New Oil Cooler
New Water pump and front plate cover
new rotors, pads and calipers all around
ARP head studs
New Head Gasket
New oil cooler
In-line coolant filtration.
New y-pipe exhaust manifold - flex-line was cracked in the old one
All new engine fluids when this was done
Put the engine through all the diagnostic tests - pumps, injectors, etc etc.
This service cost was about $6k - done by a good local independent mechanic who specializes on Fords.

At 100k Miles:
Converted the front windows to a 'legal' tint for Texas $100
All 4 doors were double dynamated for sound deadening. This with the new tires cut the road noise a TON. $400
HID KC lights up front - Had these from a previous truck
New Toyo Open Terrain MT 37x13.5x17 x 4 $2000 - warranty from 4Wheel parts on this - free tire rotation every 5K
LED reverse lights - nice to have some extra light off the back for reversing the beast
LED License plate light
HID headlights wired through a separate relay - OEM headlights sucked.

Diff/Trans/Transfer fuilds changed at 85K according to PO - checked by my local shop and they looked good.

Known issues/cosmetics:

- Interior is killer nice. Everyone who gets in the truck comments on that.
- The fender flares have cracks in some places (inside the wheel well, etc).
- I do not have the tailgate. PO said he would give it to me as it was in a location different from where I picked it up, but I havent heard about it. Regardless, you cant use the tailgate with the camper and Aluminess bumper.
- One of the cab top market lights broke - I plugged it up and will fix it - simple screw in deal.
- The camper is not pretty/perfect but it's solid and everything works - it's about 15 years old so it does show some age even thought it's been taken care of and updated.
- I noticed that some chrome is peeling off the front grill. I will probably just take the grill off and sand it down to black.
- I'll try and add to this as I remember's really a super clean truck.

Been a while since I have been on the forum but I thought I would update the thread with up-to-date info on the truck and add some pictures:

- Since my last post I have done a few more trips. ODO is right at 110K. I did a 5K+ trip through Arizona, up the West Coast, over to the Sierras, down back to Death Valley, over to Zion and then back to Texas. Truck ran perfectly the whole time. From 75 on the highway to high elevation windy roads in the sierras.

- I have updated the tuner to the latest Spartan tunes. Currently running the new 210 tune. Will shortly be changing that to the 210TP, which is a transmission relearn for towing (firmer shifts but better for the life of the torque converter).

- I fixed the marker light up top and coverted all the the lights up top and the side-mirror indicator lights to LED>

- Change the front cabin lights to LED.

- I added a track on the roof for some crossbars.

- Changed the lights inside the camper to LED.

- I took off the AC unit and added a fantastic fan in its place. My reasoning is that the AC only would run when plugged into shore power or if you want to run a generator. I dont want to run a generator and I am really never sleeping next to a 110 outlet haha. The fantastic fan runs on DC (and doesnt use much juice), it's a skylight, and I usually make a point to avoid sleeping somehwere I need to have AC.

- Though it doesnt look slick, I really sealed up everything on the roof and sidewalls of the camper. It has been in numerous huge downpours with the roof down and I have never had leaks. Now, if you leave the tent popped up and you have sideways are going to get some seeping.

- I took out the bench seat in the back for more storage. HUGE space for my gear tubs in there now.
At 109,500 miles I had the following done in addition to new fluids and filters (I charge both fuel and oil filters at every oil change, which I have done every 3500-5000 miles depending):
- Drain and filled the rear diff.
- drain and fill transmission (cleaned filter obviously)
- drain and fill transfer case
- replaced ujoints
- lubed up the drivetrain, front suspension, etc fully.

At the next service I will do the front diff drain and fill.

I have been running Diesel Kleen on most long haul trips at fill up. Yeah, maybe it's a little bit of snake venom, but I rest easier and it does give me a little mileage boost.

- I also had a 2" receiver fabricated on the drivers side swingout on the aluminess (at fairly great expense I might add, haha). It allows me to have a bike rack that will swing out and have great ground clearance. The swingout was really beefed up to accommodate this.

Pictures of the swingout and the camper.

Inside the camper looking forward with the 'walls' rolled up:

Walls down:

Solar charger readout, thermostat and inverter:

Little storage nook next to the fridge:

Kitchen area:

Dinette/seating area - I had this recovered with some heavy duty chenille type fabric in a darker gray. Hides stains, abrasion resistant and most importantly gets rid of the tacky RV fabrics they always use. Seriously...who pics RV rabrics????! They are the worst - looks like a cabelas and floral store had a baby who threw up inside most of these things.

Roof - sorry (not really sorry) I didnt clean it off:

The back - some good storage on the sides of the camper inside the truck bed. I keep folding chairs and wet things like wading boots in there.


No real rush on selling this, but I know how long these things take to sell so I just figured I would keep the thread updated. Depending on what happens, I am fine keeping the truck. I might get a new camper for it (I really want a water heater for outdoor showers after bike rides and the solar shower is sometimes lacking haha). I also would probably lower it a bit with something like an Icon 4.5" lift. I just dont need/want 8" shocks and springs I am sure would make the ride a little more firm too. Finally, i would love to put a service bed with some storage, but the custom one I got quoted was $7500. A fairly steep price to pay for something that adds weight - plus with the rear bench seats out I have lots of room in the cab. An aluminum service bed....oh man that would be awesome...I shudder to think of the cost...$10K+?

Few other notes:

- Currently mileage is sitting at about 110K+ - I dont daily drive this, but I do travel often.
- Probably willing to deliver if you live somewhere interesting and we are trading or you want to pay for my flight home.
- Truck is based in Fort Worth, TX.

Hmmm, what else....that's about it. If you have any other questions feel free to message me and we can chat on email or the phone.

Price: Obviously things can get all over the place with trades. But I would like to list the truck for $40,000.

Best way to reach me as I am not usually on a desktop:
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Thought I would give this a bump. Am actively looking for trades. Would prefer 5 door 110s or similar. Would like to get close to the $40K value as a trade or $35K cash.

Feel free to email me for a quicker response: philipsterling at gmail dot com

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Quick bump on this. Am now open to splitting the camper and truck as I have had a lot of inquiries about this.

Asking $4k for the camper and $32K for the truck. $35K for the combo.

Any trades out there? Would make a great tow hauler.
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