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Old May 19th, 2016, 12:53 PM
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Originally Posted by Outland View Post
Thanks to those of you with the positive comments and support. Everyone has good and valid points.

As for the 94 vs 95 R380 transition: I am a stickler for details too and I also believed all '95's had the R380, but I pulled that note directly from a letter I received from the dealer in the UK and assumed he knew more than I. He made a point to mention the "2nd batch of 95's produced" so I went with it. If that is incorrect, I am happy to admit a mistake there. And for the record, I don't mind other's pointing out errors at all. I learn something new every day and I believe that is really the point of these forums - everyone can chime in and help one another. The key word being "help", not lambaste. So, thank you for the positive and constructive comment, vtlandrover.

It dawns on me, the real issue I think here is that many want this to be a non-professional members only place - i.e. "no dealers allowed." And I get that. If I didn't do this for a living I would want a place where I can share my enthusiasm with other like-minded folks, learn more about the brand and have opportunities to buy from one another outside of the standard retail marketplace. It sounds to me like a great business idea... as long as you can figure out how to keep the dealers out.

My real issue is with the negativity and name calling. How about this crazy idea that we give each other the benefit of the doubt and add a little more respect and positivity to the world? I don't believe I was being a "complete jerk" in my response, but I will admit the "man up or shut up" comment was borderline. It was said with some frustration but also completely sincere - simply put your money where you mouth is.

As for Smob's "standard response from dealers buying low from here and selling high" list: this is a prime example of not giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Isn't buy low, sell high the point? That's how the stock market works, the housing market, pretty much any market - it's capitalism. A smart dealer does their legwork and searches all over for good deals - forums, craigslist, ebay, you name it. I have no idea what Smob does for a living or how many Rovers he's owned or for how long. But he's on here and likes to comment so he has some level of interest/love for the brand and I am cool with that. Personally (not the dealership) I have owned many Land Rovers. My daily driver for over 4 years was an 05 LR3. My white D90 was a daily driver for over 2 years. I've had a few Series Rovers and 110's. I don't keep cars for a lifetime because I am admittedly fickle and like to change them up, but I am a true Land Rover nut. In fact, that's why I opened my dealership - so that I could play around with these cars for a living! We are small, just 5 of us, and only stock about 15-20 cars at a time. We also have an independent Land Rover service shop that I put a lot of time and money in to recently so that we can provide service to our local Land Rover customers. I wish we sold more Defenders but as you know good ones are hard to come by and I'm picky. I've also lost out on quite a few Defenders on this forum and places like bring a trailer. Maybe I was outbid by other dealers, maybe by individuals - makes no difference to me. I support and cheer on the winning bidders.

As for those of you who are more excited for someone to get their dream truck for $45K vs $70+K... trust me I completely get it. It's even funny to me that $45K is considered a "deal" nowadays! I bought my white '97 for $29K 4 years ago. I too like to see people be able to afford their dream car. Years ago I had the opportunity to buy a Ferrari 308 (big Magnum PI fan). This was prior to the dealership and due to timing in life it made sense to sell it a short time later. Now they've gotten so pricey it will likely be a long time until I can get another one. Same with air-cooled Porsche 911's and many other cars experiencing this bubble right now. As someone said, supply and demand. Our generation has some available cash now and demand is high.

------ Follow up post added May 19th, 2016 09:44 AM ------

Thank you, John! Well said.

Speaking of well said...holey smokes, that was a well put response, Bill. Congrats and GLWTS.
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Old May 19th, 2016, 02:38 PM
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Seen NAS get to 100-150K lately. He's smart, and not emotionally involved in the mystique of the NAS. He is not screwing anyone, the seller is OK with the deal. If you are fortunate enough to own an NAS, cool.

If you don't, you missed this screamin deal. Total fail on your part. Epic. Suck it up, sell a kid or a kidney, and buy it from Bill. If you had just gotten that job/education/lottery ticket/chick in high school you would have an NAS now, have a better screen name, a bad assed avatar, and youtube videos of you muddin' with the Jeeps.

Reality check: It is a truck, people. One that drives like a tractor. Leaks water in top, oil out bottom. With quite possibly the shittiest V8 ever designed. Bro, do you even head gasket?

I would love to have an NAS. Not just so you all could look upon my NAS. I cannot put a better engine in it without either hurting value or not being able to cross an international boundary and expect to return to the US. Insurance has to be stated value. Theft is always a concern. And by now, the provenence of these trucks has gotten murky, with what we see on odo rollbacks and salvage cars retitled.

They are really a great truck, kinda rare, and only going up in price. If I ever see one for 35K, or even just a roller with title, I will jump on it. Bill's criteria, and obviously his means, were vastly different than some members here. Don't be the one who cries rape over his pricing.
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