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1984 Land Rover Defender 110 300tdi left hand drive $36,900

1984 Land Rover Defender 110


I'm offering up for sale my 1984 Land Rover Defender 110. What makes this Land Rover exceptional is the fact that it is a ready to drive, legal import with left hand drive and a 300tdi turbo diesel engine. If you have any questions or would like to come and inspect the Rover, please call Mike at 203-996-5008.

You can see tons of additional photos here: https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?...5676409&type=3

I bought this Rover about 4 years ago and since then it has been my daily driver and travel vehicle. I’ve put about 30,000 miles on it and in that time and it never left me stranded even once. Now I need to free up some money for other things so I am looking for a good owner for this Rover.

The body color is Rowan brown, it’s one of those colors that really looks right on a Rover. About 75% of the paint is original, this includes the fenders, hood, rear quarter panels, rear door and interior floor panels. The roof is off a late model Defender (in order to fit the SD roof rack) it is painted Alaska white. The windshield frame/ windshield is a new take off unit from a late model Defender as are the front doors. These parts have been carefully color matched and buffed to blend in perfectly with the original paint. The second row doors and rear window panels are not new but are mid 1990s vintage. The door hinges are the new corrosion resistant ones with galvanized hardware. There are dings and dents throughout the body and some corrosion on the middle and rear doors.

The engine is a 1997 Land Rover 300tdi 2.5 liter turbo diesel. This is one of the best small diesels Land Rover ever made, it produces 111 horsepower and 195 ft lbs of torque. These motors are known to go for 250,000 miles, when I removed the head the cylinders still had crosshatching, indicating little wear. The motor’s mileage was in the 100,000 range when I installed it and has many new parts installed for preventative maintenance. This includes a new timing belt, water pump, all 4 injectors, turbo, radiator, vacuum pump, fuel lift pump, fuel filter, 100 amp alternator, complete exhaust system, throttle cable, head gasket, rear main seal, front oil seal, oil pan resealed, P gasket, thermostat, upper radiator hose, heater hoses, clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing, intercooler hoses, valve cover gasket, motor mounts and oil filler cap. The motor runs great and returns about 21- 23 mpg. About 8000 miles have been put on the motor since it was installed. It leaks a small amount of oil from the valve cover gasket, a common problem.

Transmission and Transfer Case
The transmission is an LT77 5 speed manual. It is the long shaft version so that the engine and transmission are mounted in the exact same position as a factory installed 300tdi. The transmission is a rebuilt unit with only about 6000 miles on it. It has Redline MTL fluid, the preferred fluid for these units. The transmission mounts are new as is the clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder and hose. The transfer case is an LT230Q 1.2 to 1 ratio unit taken from a manual transmission 1998 Discovery with 120,000 miles on it. I chose to use this unit because the slightly higher gear ratio allows the engine to remain at a lower rpm while cruising at 70mph on the highway. It is also slightly stronger and does not emit the typical gear whine of the earlier units (the Q stands for quiet). It has had new output shaft seals and has had the gear oil changed 8000 miles ago. It leaks a small amount of oil from the lower pan seal. All the shift linkage has had new plastic bushings installed so the shifting from high to low or diff lock is smooth.

The rear axle is a Salisbury; a British built Dana 60. It has had new oil seals installed on the hubs and the bearings cleaned and inspected for wear. The front axle has a rebuilt differential. The front CV joints are 1 ton units. 8000 miles ago the front wheel bearings were replaced with new Timken units, packed with Mobil One synthetic grease and sealed with double lipped oil seals.

There are new genuine Land Rover medium duty springs in the front and heavy duty springs in the back. The shocks are Old Man Emu gas shocks. All suspension bushings have been replaced with genuine Land Rover rubber bushings and new hardware where needed. A new ball joint has been fitted to the upper triangulated control arms on the rear suspension.

The Rover has its original frame with the VIN number stamped in it matching the VIN on the body. The frame is now rust free, it has had the rear crossmember replaced as well as repairs to both outriggers. The frame has been waxoyled inside and out to prevent any future rust forming. It has had 300tdi motor mounts welded on and has a new galvanized transmission crossmember. It has also had the bolt on crossmember behind the second row doors replaced.

This Rover has been converted to left hand drive. The dash has many new parts due to the conversion such as all heater controls, heater box and gauge binnacle. The plastic dash cowl support has been replaced with an aluminum one for a strong rattle free dash. The front seats have been rebuilt with new foam and new vinyl upholstery for durability. The second row seats are new with upholstery matching the front seats. The interior has had Dynamat sound deadening applied to the roof, floors, hood and bulkhead. In addition the footwells have some really good genuine Land Rover rubber sound deadening. The second row doors are missing their interior door panels and there is no trim around the rear windows.

About 10,000 miles ago the Rover had the entire steering system replaced, including new power steering hoses, a rebuilt steering box, a new pitman arm, an Old Man Emu steering stabilizer, all new genuine Land Rover tie rod ends and Rockware heavy duty high clearance tie rods. In addition the swivel housings have been rebuilt with 16lbs of drag which makes all the difference between a Rover that you can keep one finger on the wheel at 75 mph and one that darts all over the road when it hits potholes. Unfortunately the rebuilt power steering box is just starting to leak.

About 10,000 miles ago the brakes on the rover were rebuilt and upgraded. The master cylinder and brake booster were both replaced, the booster is a later slightly larger unit than the one it replaced. All brake hoses were replaced and the front brakes have been upgraded from solid discs to vented discs. This conversion necessitated new wider calipers like those on later Defenders, new brake discs were added as well as genuine Land Rover pads. The rear brakes were converted from drum to disc brakes. This was done using all factory Land Rover parts including genuine Land Rover caliper brackets, D90 calipers and early Defender front hubs. New discs were added as well as new genuine Land Rover pads. The Rover stops great even after water crossings and requires no periodic adjustment like the drum brakes did.

The Rover has its original wiring harness, it has a new 300tdi ignition switch and correct glow plug timer and harness. All the gauges have been replaced with new VDO units that look just like the stock gauges but are more accurate and better illuminated at night. The speedometer is an electric unit that has been GPS calibrated, as an accurate odometer is vital to calculate fuel consumption and estimate fuel range off road. In addition to the fuel and temperature gauges, several other additional gauges have been added. A volt gauge indicates the capacity of each battery or the batteries combined as well as the output of the alternator. The oil pressure gauge has a warning light that illuminates on the dash a 7psi. The boost gauge reads the pressure in the intake and is mostly used to determine if there is a fault such as an intake leak or turbo failure. An exhaust gas temperature gauge will help ensure that damage is not done to the engine when pulling up long hills at full power. The taillight bulbs have been replaced with LED units for longevity. The headlights are Hella units with the European beam pattern that casts more light onto the side of the road. The alternator is a new genuine Land Rover 100 amp unit with a new heat shield to protect it from exhaust heat.

Fuel System
The fuel tank is new, all the nylon lines from the tank to the injection pump are in good shape with no use of rubber hose or other poor splices. The fuel filter is a genuine Land Rover unit that was changed about 2000 miles ago. A new lift pump and 4 new Bosch injectors were installed about 8000 miles ago. The large diameter fuel filler has an extendable insert to allow easy filling from jerry can without a funnel.


Recovery points
The Rover is equipped with two front and two rear Jate rings. These are the airlifting rings used on military Land Rovers. They make for an extremely strong recovery point as they mount directly to the frame.

The Rover is equipped with the most durable off road tires available, the Michelin XZL. These are the choice tire for military and expedition vehicles throughout the world. They are the stock size, 7.50 16 and have a mud terrain tread pattern. The wheels are heavy duty genuine Land Rover NATO wheels which are 16’’ by 6.5’’ wide and for tubeless tires. They are painted in the Alaska white and in great shape with some minor rock damage. The tires have about 3000 miles on them and the spare is new.

The Rover has a 5 pound fire extinguisher mounted within reach of the driver, a safety triangle, and a first aid kit housed in a waterproof orange case.

Roof Rack
The Rover is equipped with a roof rack made by Safety Devices. This is the factory optional roof rack for new Defenders. The maximum roof load weight on a Defender is 165lbs so you can carry up to about 100lbs of weight on this roof rack. The weight of the rack and anticipated roof load has been compensated for by adding a rear sway bar. This will maintain acceptable high speed handling and stability off-road. The roof rack has a few dents and bends here and there.

Battery Management System
The Rover has a dual battery system. This consists of two Optima yellow top batteries. These are excellent deep cycle absorbed glass mat batteries. They are mounted to a dual battery tray under the driver side seat. They are connected to a manual Blue Sea Systems Battery switch that allows both batteries to be charged while driving but the starting battery to be isolated when the vehicle is parked. This is a simple and rugged system to ensure that you do not get stranded with a dead battery.

Auxillary electrical system
The Rover has a separate fuse box powered by the auxiliary battery to power all non-factory accessories. This way the factory wiring harness remains untouched for reliability and to ease future trouble-shooting. The fuse box is a Blue Sea Systems unit and powers two 12 volt outlets, the stereo, the rear work light and the four roof rack lights. All accessories can be easily unplugged, if for example, the center console or roof rack needs to be removed.

Auxiliary Lighting
The Rover is equipped with a Hella Matador rear work light. It can be used even when the engine is not on as it is run off the auxiliary battery. It is turned on with a factory switch on the steering column and when on an indicator light is shown on the dash. There is also a switch on the light itself so it can be used while camping or unloading gear. The Rover also has four Hella 500 lights mounted on the roof rack, 2 fog pattern lights mounted inboard and 2 driving pattern lights mounted outboard. This is the same arrangement as on the Camel Trophy Defenders. All lights can be easily removed or replaced as each one has an easy to unplug waterproof electrical connector.

more photos http://s1078.photobucket.com/user/no...?sort=3&page=1
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very nice!
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Originally Posted by 101stAirborne View Post
very nice!
I second that. Wow very nice indeed. GLWTS
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Poor gas mileage gets you to the best places on earth
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Is this still for sale?
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