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Old October 30th, 2011, 06:42 PM
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Pete C
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Question about value and model years.

When it comes to prices, I notice that the '97 model year seem to be the ones bringing the premium prices. Is this just a coincidence, that they are the "newest" of the bunch and would have the least miles?

I know when I recently did my research for the purchase of my '95 SW, I specifically narrowed it down to a "95 to be the most desirable ( for me of course. to each his own!). Since I did NOT want an automatic I eliminated the '97 and the word on the street is the 5 speed gearbox on the '94 were not as good as the later boxes.

Set me my information correct? Are the '97 the most desirable? Could it be the 4.0 over the 3.9? Is it the auto gearbox that people want?
Those of you that have been at this longer, what are your thoughts on this?

PS..I'm talking only NAS trucks.

By the way, why was there no 1996 NAS?
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Old October 30th, 2011, 06:52 PM
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97 seem to be the most valuable for a bunch of factors:
Final run
As updated as the trucks would come in the USA
Limited run of LEs
Etc, etc

To each their own. Personally I would pay a premium for an unmolested early 94.

I think there were no 96s because they were going to cancel the truck due to emissions and airbags but then made tweaks for a final year but I could be wrong on that.
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