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Old October 13th, 2016, 11:34 PM
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I've spent varying amounts of time in several factories like this one (Lockheed at Marietta, Boeing at Long Beach, Porsche at Stuttgart, Volvo in Gothenburg, MINI in Oxford, BMW in Munich) studying process improvement and lean logistics, and this video is pretty impressive. It's not at all what I was expecting.

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Old October 17th, 2016, 08:02 AM
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Originally Posted by LR Max View Post
They had one at Expo this past weekend. A 2000 Jeep TJ with the ISF 2.8 in it, so they were bolting up to a NV3550 (which is actually a pretty darn good transmission, I just wish the jeep 6 speed was worth a darn, they are dying left and right behind the jeep 3.8s).

Redline on this engine for on-road is somewhere in the 4k RPM range. He said that with the stock drivetrain (hinted that the gears might be 3.73 in the diffs, and stock tires, so I believe it was pulling some high RPMs) it wasn't too bad. But then again, his version of "bad" could be different from mine. The new common rail engines ARE quieter than the old mechanically injected A LOT. So that helps. I did not hear him run it, but I should have asked him.

It is an electronic engine. And as everyone recoils in disgust, it actually makes it A LOT better. As for the extras, they are making full wiring harnesses and including everything that is needed to fit the engine. So despite it being a new engine, it would plug directly into the jeep, no problem. There a few oil pan options as well, so that helps. It is fly by wire, but they will be supplying a foot pedal. I looked at it, looks like a bolt in, and probably the same as the ford off-the-shelf fly by wire pedal...that ford everything.

It is a crossflow engine, but they are running an intercooler, so that doesn't really matter.

Numbers were impressive. Something like ~260 ft.lbs and like, 160hp. Plenty for a lightweight application such as jeeps and our rovers.

Overall, this engine with the NV3500/3550 transmission (I know it isn't the loved 4500, but it'll be fine, cheaper, and lighter), and an Orion transfer case would be pretty much the awesome in a rover.

On MPG, with the TJ, NV3550, stock transfer case (so, 1:1 high range), 3.73 gears, stock tires (which I think are basically 29" or 30" tall tires), the worst he got was 24, hauling @$$ over the rockies. Best he got was 34 mpg. But average, he got like, 30.

So we won't hear about this kit directly from Cummins (that isn't their style). But they are working with re-packagers. That is their style (I get it). So some other company will sell the engine with the needed harnesses, ECMs, pedals, piping, etc.

Price wise, he said go only the chevy website and see what a LS sells for. And this would be less. Well, an LS is somewhere between $7k and $14k. So I suspect the price for a high volume conversion kit (aka, jeep) will be in the $10~12k neighborhood.

Currently the engine only has Euro 3 and Euro 4 rating. So I can only assume they are going to get whatever equivalent for US. So the regulations (excluding Cali) is that you can replace with current tier...or newer. So you can put a 2015 engine into a 2000 (or whatever). You just can't put an older engine into a newer truck (I saw a guy put a 93 DT466 into a 2003 Ford, that is bad...).

As for the 2.8, there is an engine population growing out there as they do have a Tier 4 Final off-highway version (aka, construction equipment). So while the computer programming is different, for the most part, the hardware is the same. So Cummins shops all over the US can receive this engine into their bays and know WTF they are dealing with. That is a benefit. And also Cummins is used to seeing engines in all kinda crap. So when it shows up in something new, they are used to it.

Same story with the 3.8. For on road, the HP will be about the same, but will have more torque. It will be a physically bigger engine, but could be worth it for those carrying a bunch of crap and/or towing. The 3.8 will be smaller than the 4BT/4.5 engines. I like the 2.8 because it is small, and has all the power one needs. Fitting this engine to an old 4 cyl TJ makes a ton of sense. To a 6 cyl...maybe. This engine has ~40 more ft.lbs of torque, but less HP. That said, it blows a TDI 300 out of the water and gives a rover 4.0 a run for its money. It is a bit wide but if you are pulling a V8, then there is plenty of room.

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Old October 17th, 2016, 09:08 AM
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This look like a cool setup.

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