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Old June 26th, 2009, 02:06 PM
R. Kurk
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Richard Kurk
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Chattering Clutch - Help

Background > I replaced the clutch (clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing), transmission (LT77 to R380), and transfer case when I purchased my 110 3+ years ago. Approximately 1 year ago, 10k since new clutch, the clutched developed a bad chatter/shudder when engaging. I replaced it again with another new clutch, pressure plate, throwout bearing. This second replacement lasted approximately 2k miles and started chattering/shuddering again. I repeated the process four months ago and after 2k miles the chatter-shudder has returned. Additional background. The motor and transfer case mounts are new and everything is tight. The local LR shop took great care with the last installation, including re-surfacing the flywheel. The clutch works very nicely when new then degrades starting around 1K miles.

One final item which may or may not be relevant. Since day one (now almost four years and 16k miles) when you put the gearbox in neutral, let out the clutch (engaged), there is a rolling-clatter noise from the clutch-bellhousing area. This noise is noticeable after the engine is warmed up and truck driven a few miles. You can hear this when the truck is stopped but general background noise drowns it out when moving. Depressing the clutch pedal (disengage the clutch) and the noise goes away. This has always done this (after first clutch and R380&TC install) and has not changed for better or worse after 16k miles. Transmission and TC work fine.

Before expending any more money on an expensive clutch removal and replacement, does anyone have suggestions of what is causing the clutch to “go bad” after 2K miles?

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Old June 26th, 2009, 05:33 PM
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J. Michael McCaig
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A classic cause of clutch shudder is oil on the clutch plate. It sounds like everything was done properly during installation so I can't imagine that the mechanic would have overlooked oil on the plate linings. The rattle you hear at idle with your foot off the clutch shouldn't be there and could be coming from the transmission because even though the transmission is in neutral, shafts rotate. Could you have a transmission leak getting oil on the clutch plate?

I used to have an old truck that leaked oil everywhere and when the clutch got to shuddering badly I would nose it up to a big tree an put it in top gear, rev it up and slip the clutch and "burn it in". Not recomended by any means but it would fix that old truck for awhile.
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