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Old March 6th, 2014, 03:12 PM
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Just preemptively scolded my 16yr old about driving my truck. He laughed and asked if I was concerned about the other vehicles in the household.

"It insists upon itself" Family Guy
"Your Defender insists upon itself" Dave Parker
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Old March 6th, 2014, 04:27 PM
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I speculate that it was Gabor that rolled his father's truck, not Gabor's son. I spent an afternoon drinking at an Irish Bar in South Philly 12 or so years ago and there was no mention of wife or kids and he can't be much older than I am.

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Old March 12th, 2014, 05:12 PM
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wayne gayre
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Originally Posted by rijosho View Post
project truck anyone?

It looks like it even has a/c



seller is skytop out of philadelphia pa - haven't heard from them in a few years.

skytoprover (130 )

price: $15,500 buy it now

1994 land rover defender 90

1994 land rover defender 90 base sport utility 2-door 3.9l

Philadelphia, pennsylvania, united states

vin: Saldv2285ra940389

plaque number: 949

mileage: 217,000


This vehicle is a project. It is about 85% complete. It is missing several key parts, including both fenders and radiator support. There are various scratches and dents, and some surface rust on the chassis. Bulkhead is in good condition. The engine is a long block 3.9 liter that has been rebuilt with no miles on it. Was brought in as a project by a customer, who abandoned it.”

additional notes:

1994 nas defender 90, this was a project that was brought into our shop many years ago, and was never finished. We have no inclination to finish it. It was in an accident, and the front axle was damaged, as were the 2 front fenders. The axle was replaced, and the vehicle was fitted with a rebuilt 3.9 v8 long block engine. The roll cage was taken off, and the paintwork was sanded down in preparation for new paint. Most of the spats (wheel arches), lights, hardware, etc. Were removed and put in boxes (pictured). The vehicle then sat for about eight years. The vehicle is about 85% complete, it will need new new front fenders, as well as a radiator support, and front bumper. The hood is there, and is undamaged. The chassis is still solid, and has some surface rust. The bulkhead is also in very good condition. Most of the parts apart from the above are there. Starter turns over engine, but it appears that the fuel pump is not working, as it has spark but no fuel pressure. Comes with a clean nj title, last known mileage was 217k. This is not a vehicle for someone other than a knowledgeable mechanic who has the space and time to put this defender back together. The only way it will be worth doing is if you are smart enough to figure out how to bring the spare parts you need over from the uk from one of the many suppliers, and put them on yourself. Do not email me with questions if you have no knowledge about these vehicles, other than you think they are cool and you want one. If you don't know how a differential works, and do not know what the transfer box does, or don't know the difference between amps and watts, keep on browsing. I am not negotiable on the price, and if you are not willing to come out and see it yourself, or send someone out to see it, do not buy it. I will answer your questions to the best of my ability, but nothing beats laying eyes on things like this, as we may have very, very different ideas about how to classify the condition of vehicles.

here is the deal: It will need some of the electrical system put back together, one of the wires leading to the ecu melted. It appears to be the main (brown) lead. It will need the 2 front fenders (wings) sourced and installed, as well as the radiator support. The roll cage needs to be reinstalled, and will most likely need new (read: Stainless) hardware. I suggest you paint it before you put the roll cage, and then install the wheel arches. Get the fuel pump sorted out, re-install the new ignition switch (provided), and put the dash back together. Dash is in good condition, seats are pretty worn, but still workable. No battery. The engine was a complete long block rebuild, and has no miles on it. Spins over just fine with the starter. This defender was very much a daily driver before the accident, and as far as i know there was nothing wrong with the gearbox, diffs, or transfer box. It will need a brand new top.

here is the deal; this is a great opportunity for someone who has not basic, but advanced automotive training and knowledge of how to put things back together. The parts should not be more than $4500 if you know what the hell you are doing when it comes to buying land rover bits overseas. It will probably take about 80 man hours to get it back together. This is a guess, but an educated one. You do the math. Email me with questions, and i will try to answer them, and by all means come out and see it, or send someone who knows what they are looking at to check it out for you. Sold as is, where is, no whiners and no trust fund kids with mommy's credit card. Call me to set up an appointment. 215-426-2748.
i see 80 days worth of work
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Old March 12th, 2014, 07:11 PM
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Originally Posted by Wayne View Post
i see 80 days worth of work
I can't believe you of all people turned this truck down!

Originally Posted by bjf View Post
I am talking purely from an aesthetics standpoint.
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1994, arles blue, for sale

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