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Old January 9th, 2010, 04:35 PM
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Originally Posted by mpsteil View Post
You are so right Jonathan. I started that thread in mention as a sarcastic rant/joke from what I was reading from chit chat section.
I still think there needs to be a universally recognized sarcasm font. Im a bit of a smart ass myself, but even with close friends I need to explain from time to time.


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Old January 9th, 2010, 06:04 PM
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Originally Posted by ECR View Post
We'll talk on Monday...
Look forward to it

Originally Posted by ECR View Post
As to why I didn't call you asap, well, it just wasn't worth it. When emails and calls come into me about what folks said you were saying (or what others say, don't take that personally) I don't feel the need to act on all that. I just let it go with a lot of other BS I hear daily about who is going to put us out of business this week. However, wehn you emailed me I figured I would address it with you...
I am not sure I have a comment on it, except it came accross you did indeed take it personally, from the response email or the post here, but again we can clear the air on Monday

Originally Posted by ECR View Post
Lots of folks pointed the finger from the 110 debate on the chit-chat page and then spilling over onto the For Sale sticky. I can't find that stuff right now, nor do I want to spend the time to dig for it (going out with the kids). I have to admit I don't have time to follow every thread and every post, but when shown your posts in the light that they were sent to me in (yes, that could be wrong that is why I started the dialog with you, not flatly saying "GFY" to you) it sure seemed like you were trying to attack a company that does Tdi swaps and works with converting 90s to 110s, new frames and restorations. If that was not for me/ECR, than my bad. I wonder what other company that does those things resides and posts on this forum.....
While quite a well educated man, I am affraid I can't speak for others' comments, that is a decission you make on your own. If I wanted to say ECR , I am 100% I would have said ECR.
There are 8 or 10 other companies that do those things ( Frame/TDi/ Swap . etc ), but again ..Monday will come. I don't have the time to dig through threads either, but I am CERTAIN I have never trashed you/ ECR or any other vendor ( That is wy I asked those wh can quickly revive thread to pint me in the direction of one )

Originally Posted by ECR View Post
Regardless, I took your comments on the misc forum about 110s and the post in the For sale section as directly pointing at ECR as we do frame swaps, Tdi swaps, 110 restorations, conversions of 90s to 110s and all that (and not a whole lot of other places do). If I was wrong, that is what we were going to discuss.
Covered above.

Until Then, I will refrain from posting in this thread in regards to you

Talk to you then


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Old January 14th, 2010, 08:15 AM
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As these internet rants rarely get resolved and this one is left open... I figured I would go ahead and post the email that I sent to Gus on Tuesday morning:

"Gustavo Pagni wrote:
> I am not sure what do mean ?

I've explained on the forum what I thought, and a lot of others sent me crap and they were thinking the same thing in regards to your comments, but it all just comes down to a bunch of 5 year olds trying to stir the pot by sending me stuff and saying "Did you see what X said?" and I bought into it, wrongly. When I look at it again I can imply a ref. to myself (as I am a company that does Tdi swaps, 90 to 110 conversions, etc), but I don't see a direct ref., as you pointed out. So I rather just let it go and apologize for saying you "have raked me over the coals."
I don't have any seat set ups, but we did just sell a 110 with all that stuff and the new owner is making waves about changing to a NAS style 60/40 bench in order to use the NAS style seat belts. So if he does that we'll put you in touch with the owner, as I know he does not want the take out parts.

Mike, ECR"

Email: info@eastcoastrover.com
I do not check PMs. Call or email if you need something.

ECR is not a parts source. We are not in the mail order business.
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