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Old November 26th, 2007, 01:59 PM
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Waxoyl: the wonder goo

So the RRC was rusty. In some areas, REALLY rusty. In others, not too rusty.

I had the frame welded, and the welds were, of course, joining in the fun with the rest of the truck and... yep... RUSTING. Just surface oxidation so far, but I needed to do something to protect the exposed welds and metal.

I ordered Waxoyl from RN. 2 cans of the fogging stuff (124?) and 3 of the hardwax. I intended to just coat the frame from end to end, incl inside best I could.

I scraped, scuffed, and brushed everything anway, and treated most of it with POR15 pre-treatments anyway, too... So, naturally, when I got under there, I was like a kid with crayons and a newly painted white wall (I was that kid).... I started with the frame, and as I started inching around, I started just coating everything.

Trick: I have an old cooler (one of those goofy ones that looks like a beer can) which I filled with very hot tap water, and put in the first 3 cans and put the lid on. I let it sit for 15 minutes before taking the first one out and swapping in a cold can. This allowed the Waxoyl to work well and spray evenly. I can tell you when the stuff gets cold: forget it! IT's like trying to paint with snot rockets.

The underside of the truck where I've coated "everything" looks like brand-damn new. Yeah, there's some rust under it, but the stuff goes on so oily that the rust is dead enough.

Also, the fogging spray worked awesome in the frame. I'd put the nozzle into a frame hole, and you'd see mist coming out of nearby holes while I directed the thin nozzle hose around in different directions. It, also, didn't work as well as the cans got cold. I'd work for 5-6 minutes and re-submerge the cans in the hot water.

I did thedoor interiors, too. My Rear passenger door would make a noise like rust falling whenever it was shut before; after spraying, it's quiet and solid. (shrug - f#ck it)

Overall, I am aware that the truck was rusting (still is in places I didn't get to), but it looks better, and the frame, cross members, and most other parts are so well treated, that I'm not constantly worrying about wet conditions.

I ordered 4 more cans of hardwax to treat all wheel-wells and finish some of the under body.

Awesome stuff. Sorry if this might be the 30th post on rust prevention/treatment.
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