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Old August 14th, 2009, 02:51 PM
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In Bath think I remember a canal on the south side of the river about halfway up a big hill - great views of the city from the towpath - especially in the evening. Lots of neat architecture as you wander around the town. Chester is nearby - lots of medieval timber framed buildings there.

More museums in London than you can imagine - see the Museum of London, the Tower, the Tate Gallery (on the Thames about a mile upstream from Parliament- must see), the British Musem, the Courtalds Gallery, the Victoria and Albert and so many others.

The Lake District is where many of the English vacation - fantastic scenery and great for long walks in the country - very romantic. A good place to unwind after London.

In Munich the Deutches Museum of Science and Technology is one of the top museums in Europe. Also take the BMW factory tour if you can and visit the Englischer Garden on a sunny afternoon. Spend an evening at the Hofbrauhaus eating goulash and drinking beer (recommend the hefweisen)

In Paris visit Montemarte in the evening, the Beauborg (Centre de Georges Pompidou) and the impressionists museum (can't remember the name) along with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

I love Amsterdam - great food, great people, fantastic museums, very scenic - one of my favorite spots in Europe (and no I don't do drugs, never have and I didn't wander around much in the redlight district either).

Florence is one of the crown jewels of Italy - hard not to be impressed with Florence.

If it was me - I'd probably stay entirely on the British Islands - from Bath go up to the Lake District and spend a few days then on up to the Isle of Skye and back across Scotland along Loch Ness to Inverness and on down to Edinburgh and down to York. A Britrail pass can be used to travel all over Britain and you get to see more by limiting the amount of traveling you do in any one day. Jumping all over the continent in a hurried pace to get from one city to another can be stressful and sometimes doesn't seem to be much of a vacation. Pack light - the less you carry the more you enjoy the trip and watch for pickpockets in the big cities.
I spent three summers backpacking around Europe so I got pretty good at finding my way around. I always enjoyed taking a more relaxed approach to travel than the frantic "got to see 14 cities in 12 days" attitude that I commonly saw in a lot of other people.
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Old August 14th, 2009, 03:07 PM
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jimmy salmon
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Originally Posted by woldd90

The Torture museum was not far from London Bridge. I was on a double-decker bus, when I passed it, so I got off on at the next stop, walked across London Bridge and down to the Museum.

I did a google search but nothing showed up. It was not in the Tower of London, it was on the side of the road with a yellow sign. Maybe one of the UK guys could chime in with more detail. It was well worth the visit and time.

The London Dungeon In the bowels of London Bridge Station this famous waxwork museum of torture focuses on the dark side of life. As such it can paint an artificially grim portrait of London: Jack the Ripper is small fry by today's serial killer standards. Stocks, executions, torture machines, rats, plague are the main crowd attractions. The queues stretch right up Duke St Hill for at least 100 metres, unemployed actors in 'period' costume and ghoulish make-up keep them amused while they're waiting.
Life in London was undoubtedly hard for the poor or those who for some reason were ostracised by society, worth remembering as you go round, for example, Hampton Court which paints an equally biased view of a rosy Olde England.
Their younger, Paris branch for some reason claims it's the original - we suspect branches will be spring up everywhere, even in your suburb. There a restaurant inside and sometimes nightclubs are held there. Their very atmospheric website gives you a flavour of the place.
3rd low and BOOT IT

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Old August 14th, 2009, 03:22 PM
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Mark M
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Second Prague

In london they have a great museum of the underground bunker where Churchhill and the team worked during WWII. The rest you are better off pub hopping..... IMO

However, Prague really is one of the best places in Europe. It is cheap, lots to see and very friendly. I second or third that one....
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Old August 14th, 2009, 03:50 PM
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Dave Lucas
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As of right now it looks like I am going to do something like the following...

Flying out of Denver - London Aug 20th
London (take eurostar train to Paris)
Paris (take over night sleeper train to Venice)
Venice (spending 1 day)
Rome (fly out of Rome to Denver)

Not sure how many days I will spend in each place yet, I have to be in London / Bath 21st - 25th other than that everything is wide open. I might have to cut one place so I can spend enough time just not sure what to cut
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Old September 12th, 2009, 05:12 PM
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How was your trip ? What did you get upto?

Sorry for not replying earlyer, but yes, i'm the one with one of your fine tank plates polished up

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Old September 13th, 2009, 01:19 AM
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Dave Lucas
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I have some pictures I will post in a bit but here is the short of it

Day 1 Sunny
Landed early AM at Heathrow

Took Heathrow express train to another train station then to hotel

Checked into the Marriott County Hall

Walked from hotel to Buckingham Palace looking at the sites along the way (1 blue 110 1 MOD defender)

Took a funny looking black cab to the tower of london

Walked up and across the tower bridge

Another funny looking black cab back to the hotel for a shower and rest

Went for a walk along the Thames river checking out the London eye

Ate at an indian food place, most expensive indian food and the worst I have had

Crashed on bed hard

Day 2 Sunny
Took and early morning walk to check out the area around the county hall

Went to Heathrow to meet a few people @ 11:00

Picked up a rental car (rental in england are sweet we had a Diesel VW Passatt wagon)

Departed Heathrow in route to Bath with a planned stop at Stonehenge

Somehow ended up in South Hampton (I did not mind getting lost, I got to see where my 90 shipped from)

Departed South Hampton after buying a map at Sainsbury (many Defenders spotted)

Passed by Salisbury plains and got to see some cool tank crossing signs and a bunch of Mod Defenders

Arrived at the pile of rocks know as Stonehenge, walked around it and took some pictures

Made it to Bath and checked into Francis hotel

Went to Irish pub down the street for food & a few pints, got kicked out later that night

Day 3 Sunny
Went to Roman baths (cool place)

Went to Bath Abby

Went to a free art show

Spent an hour at a park overlooking the river

Had great Indian food for dinner

Day 4 Sunny
Walked around Bath all day
Had some great food at a local pub

Day 5 Sunny
Back to Heathrow to drop off wife and people

Took Heathrow Connect to St Pancras then took a high speed train VIA chunnell to Paris

Checked into Hotel Ares Eiffel (Hotel was great)

Walked around area

Day 6 Sunny
Walked to Eiffel tower

Purchased 48 hour ticket for Red bus and did the sight seeing thing, Notre Dame, Champs Elysees and all of the standard sites

Visited Land Rover dealer and drooled on new D90

Day 7 Sunny
Went to Louvre, spent most of the day and only managed to see a 10th of it

Ate a crepe from a street vendor (best food I ate in Paris)

Took sleeper train to Venice Italy

Day 8 Sunny
Arrive in Venice early morning, took water around grand Canal and to hotel, room was a single I had no idea they made such small rooms but I guess this is standard for Europe

Walked around the area, getting lost many times

Had the best Pizza of my entire trip for dinner Quattro Formaggio

Day 9 Rain
Took water taxi to Saint Marks's_Basilica

Visited la pescheria

Walked to Rialto Bridge

Purchased Vigili del Fuoco Defender

Walked around at night, one of the best things in Veince IMHO

Day 10 Cloudy in Venice Hot and Sunny in Rome
One last trip around the Grand Canal

High speed Eurostar train to Rome

Arrive in Rome late afternoon check into hotel

Great hotel, the Pantheon is right outside my room,_Rome

Walked 2 blocks to the Piazza Navona, ate Osso bucco, Gelato and watched the street performers

Day 11 Hot Hot Hot 39C
Purchased 48 hour open top bus pass, went on the full round trip to get the lay of the land and decide what sites I want to see

Walked around the hotel and visited some sites

Ate Quattro Formaggio Gnocchi followed by Gelato

Back to the Piazza Navona to watch the street performers

Day 12 Hot Hot Hot 39C

The Roman Fourm

Fettucini Alfredo (best I have had) followed by Gelato

Back to the Piazza Navona to watch the street performers

Day 13 Hot Hot
Palatine Hill

St Peters Basilica's_Basilica

Day 14 Hot


Day 15 Rain and sun

Many small sites in Rome

Had some awesome linguini pesto drool

Day 16 / 17 but really only day 16?

Longest plane ride ever Departed on the 5th 6:00 AM Rome time, layover in Newark, arrived in Colorado at 9:00 PM MST on the 5th (I think it was like 28 hours without sleep)

Will post some pics and more info later, going to bed for now
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Old September 13th, 2009, 11:11 AM
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Julien Dalbin
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Originally Posted by dave_lucas
Day 7 Sunny
Went to Louvre, spent most of the day and only managed to see a 10th of it
Yeah, this thing is crazy, i think you need a full month to
see the all thing. Did you see the antique egypt section ?
" Eventually everything connects - people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se. "
- Charles Eames
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Old September 13th, 2009, 11:34 AM
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Dave Lucas
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Yes I did, not in detail but I did spend some time in there. The had some Cats that were mummified that were cool
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Old September 14th, 2009, 06:05 PM
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Jamie Austin
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Dang, you were pretty close to me when you were on Salisbury plain.... I did reply to your PM!
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