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Old April 20th, 2008, 12:16 PM
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paul girard
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information for TATA

I know there is already a massive thread on the 90 returning to us but I saw how long it was and did not know if anyone would read this. If you want you can throw it in the pile with the rest, Chris.

I was thinking about what information we could honestly give to Tata to have them be interested in (A) returning the 90 to the USA and (B) not altering it so it looks like a mallcrawler. Here is the question every past present or future D90/110 owner needs to answer. HOW MANY TIMES HAS SOMEONE APPROACHED YOU AND ASKED YOU IF YOU WANTED TO SELL YOUR TRUCK OR SOMETHING SIMILAR, INDICATING THAT IF THEY COULD GO TO A DEALER, THEY WOULD BUY ONE?

As a for instance ,if a owner of a 90 says that on average once a week he is asked "how do I buy one" then you could say that he is asked 52 times a year. If it is a 10 year old truck then that is 520 potential buyers and if you minus out duplicates etc. you could probably safely say 250 would want one? If there are 7,000 defenders still out there then that is potentially 175000 sold vehicles. If you set the price at 50k so you would lose another 50% of your potential buyers that would be 87,500 or $4,375,000,000. If those kind of numbers are even partially close to reality I would think that TATA would be very interested.

So how many times have you been asked "How can I get one?"
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Old April 20th, 2008, 01:01 PM
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Don't forget the vast number of poeple who haven't even seen or know what a Defender is. If there were more of them out there (cheap advertising), they would be as popular as Wranglers.

If they set their price at $50k, they are going to loose more than 50% of potential buyers. In vast quantity, a Defender isn't a $50k truck...$35k maybe...

To answer your question, probably no more than once a month...but complimented on the truck all the time.
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Old April 20th, 2008, 01:37 PM
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I doubt it is a matter of them not knowing that we want another NAS D90. I'm sure LRNA is well aware of it too.

Simple fact of the matter is that very little about the current D90 is U.S. road legal, and making it U.S. road legal would not only require a lot of time, money and efforts on Tata's end, but it would also pretty much require the new NAS D90 to become a shell of it's former NAS self. While I believe it may still be worth it to us (as in we would probably still accept some modified version of the D90), I highly doubt sales figures in America, year 2008 would make it worth their efforts (shit economy, shit fuel economy, etc).

I remember driving my old D90 around and having tons of people ask me where to buy one, yes, but I am willing to bet 90% of them were just creating conversation. Plus... look at the direction that LR is taking. Range Rover Sport? I mean, really? While it is a nice car, it's not quite the LR we know and love.
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