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Old November 25th, 2010, 08:03 PM
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Jeff Huff
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Originally Posted by Roving Beetle View Post
The "new" link is the same company first linked to - new name.

LOTS of people have used these and very very few complaints overall. They seem to do very well aired down and the process they use is really closer to a new tire than an old style "retread" that is glued on. My understanding is that they actually fuse it on via heat etc so really it's not any different than a new tire to speak of.
I read about their process on the site and agree that it seemed that these were a little more high tech than your average retread. I have a hard time dropping $1K for a set of tires I won't use every day when these are half the price (assuming they'll do the job!)
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Old November 25th, 2010, 09:38 PM
Roving Beetle
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I have only run one set of them a few years back and they were excellent. I tend to forget about them.... but I would CERTAINLY use them for a truck that didn't get used every day or was a trail rig.

I know when you call you can request matching casings (which they always try and have 4 matching if possible) and often have several you can choose from - Michelin, BFG, etc.
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Old November 28th, 2010, 12:00 AM
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Luis A. Costa
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Guys! I just want to make you aware that retreads are not a good idea on smaller light duty vehicles because they have not invested any test time on this tire recycling technology. They are proven on commercial truck tire and they still blow up!
However this is not to be confused with REMOULDS... in which the new thread is moulded around the old casing ( no seam ) and put into a high heat oven melting the new rubber to the old rubber. Not glueing a thread cap to a ifee casing!
Remoulds are European technology and the two major players are Insa Turbos ( which are used in the Dakar and other rallies ) and the other is Fedimas.
You see these on all the Euro Land Rovers.... and they are also half the price of new.

Maybe somebody else can elaborate on why they are not catching on here in the states, cough... cough!

I just realized by rereading one of RovingBeetle's post and he's got it right they Fuse the new rubber to the old!

Anyway, the key word is Remoulds!

I also want to say, I'm not shooting down the rethreads.... like the others in this thread said, you can't take them for granted because they are trusted by everybody! I drive for UPS with there big trucks and have not had one blow!

Give it another 6-8 yrs and we will be useing this technology here!
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