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Old April 3rd, 2013, 12:19 PM
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I don't like the DC100 design either. My feeling is it is being driven by profit per unit, EU/US fleet fuel economy regulations and status symbolism. Point 1, hearsay is that more profit is made on a RR than a Defender due to costs. Point 2, fleet fuel economy has an effect on motor choices--high MPG diesels to offset low mpg V8's and a more aerodynamic (DC100) body style to achieve those higher mpg's. Smaller sized vehicles for more power to weight and then reduced size engines for better mpg's. Point 3, If ones brand is percieved as "status" then everyone who can afford 24's and gold plated door handles will buy one thereby helping point 1.

As far as what the MOD will use in the future, just go to Tata's website, they already have a full line of military vehicles.

Lastly if, IF Defenders were made in some other country (Africa probably would be the cheapest) then labor costs go down and market price should go down. I don't know about you but I can't afford to buy a $35,000+ vehicle. CKD kits might even come about.

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Old April 3rd, 2013, 01:26 PM
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Steve Maietta
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I like what I read from the guy in the above article. Although Im sure he was saying the same thing before the DC100 was designed!!

Aluminum monocoque is fine with me as long as it remains easy to work on!!!!! I hope they've figured out the galvanic corrosion issue by now.

Please include: Live axles, choice of engines, true low range xfer case and lots of glass (good visibility), modern, good corrosion proofing, simples (as possible) electrical systems, easy modularity of body styles, tops etc.

Please drop: 24" wheels. High belt line, low roof designs..

"Yeah, make sure its a flatbed...."
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Old April 3rd, 2013, 02:54 PM
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Jeff B.
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Take the current one.

Fix anything that can rust via engineering.

Automate construction or put it in a place like Mexico/Africa/India where great work can be done and pay the people relatively very well to induce that to continue.

Get the pedestrian crash stuff figured out...sell it with a big plastic bolt on soft front bumper and let people change it who need to...make the plastic one relatively tough for the lifestyle crowd to be happy like an FJ40 of the current era.

Leverage the current market and product world to make this a super thing....admit you found evolution better than revolution....suggesting you got it right to start with...way better marketing.

And stop wasting so much time with doing what needs to be done making pretty cars people can't fix if stranded in the wilderness. Price it 25-30k with AC and an auto....stick available. Clean diesel for NA use too. Bolt on filter elements for simple NA use to pass epa. Charge 100/ea for these every say 3 years. Done. Heck, find an engine like the Ford transit diesel and just ruggedize it. They've already EPA's it.

Jeep did this. It can be done. They cannot make them fast enough. And if you sell a lot, your pricing will get even better. And more people will buy LR product....and then get into the fancier stuff over time if it makes sense for them. Bingo, market share.

Why can't LR do this?
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Old April 3rd, 2013, 10:16 PM
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Matthew Greenspan
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Originally Posted by McGayvern
It needs to be – in terms of its cost, if it’s going to work in that area – affordable. But it still needs to be premium because all of these [Land Rover] vehicles are premium. It’s what I call ‘premium durability’: the materials and material finishes aren’t just cheap and cheerful, they’re premium but they’re hardwearing and they’re very much in keeping with what this vehicle needs to be in terms of its longevity and the way you use it.
It'll never sell for the price that it needs to in order to be competitive in the US market.

Toyota is what comes to mind when I think of what he's describing with the exception of the Toyota radio/dash buttons. It will probably cost more than a 4Runner, Tacoma, or FJ Cruiser though and not get the sales that they claim or desire. Now it's bumped back to 2017? The new Defender is a myth just like Eskimos, b*tt sex, and Doom 4.
Do not read the next sentence.

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