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Old June 15th, 2011, 03:11 PM
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Bill Adams
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Boating is FUN!

Monday I worked on the boat. Took the day off and drove over to the Eastern Shore. Swapped out the drive bellows and water pump impeller, greased and oiled the drive and bolted it back on.
Calibrated the carb, set idle mixture. Put boat in water to test it. Idled great, all good. Took it out into the creek for a test run. Shifted in and out of gear nicely. Pushed the throttle open and got it up on plane at half throttle. All good, gauges reading normal. Push it to WOT to see what the RPMs are at that speed. Thirty seconds into this the engine grinds rapidly to a halt, overheated and siezed. I was just about to throttle back, turn around and head back when this happened and I was only about a mile and a half from the marina in the middle of the creek.
Long story short, it took me three hours to go less than a mile to a dock where I could tie up. The wind and tide was not in my favor, and all I had was a wussy Seagull with half a tank. Needless to say that thing didn't get me too far. I ran it out of gas pretty quick.
Anyway, I tied up and found the residents home. It was my first time meeting these neighbors as they just finished building the place and they live on the opposite side of the water so without this mishap I wouldn't have ever run into them. Through a wall of barking hound dog I was able to make clear that I was having boat trouble, was tied at the end of their (ridiculously fabulous) dock and needed to leave the boat there for a while. They were all in their jammies, but this didn't stop the owner from giving me a ride all the way around back to my barn so I could get my 30amp cord and plug in the boat to charge the batteries and keep the bilge pump going (in case). I think it was really nice of him to do that seeing that this random stranger just showed up on his doorstep at 9 o'clock at night.
Anyway, with the boat tucked in for the night I went home, full to the brim with frustration, exhaustion and anger. I slept maybe 2 hours worrying about stuff.
5 am and I'm up and moving. Threw a second kicker motor in the Range Rover along with a ton of fuel mix and headed over.
With the boat engine now cooled off I tried the starter several times and eventually got it to fire up again. I thought I could just idle it back to the marina, but again in just a short while the thing started acting hot and stumbly so I shut it down. Back to the Seagull. Now I'm fighting a 20 knot breeze right into my teeth. The sun is just coming up and I'm getting almost no headway, like 1/4 walking speed. That, and the wind wants to turn the head of the boat like nobody's business. In fact it did catch me twice and I had to come all the way around just to get the bow back into the wind. Once again, about an hour to go less than half a mile.
Finally got the damn thing into the marina where there's a slight break from the howling breeze. With virtually no thrust the boat has no handling and boy was I glad there were no spectators cuz it wasn't pretty. At least I didn't hit anything.
Now to get her on the trailer. The wind direction was such that it was blowing the boat away from the trailer, so it was all I could do to get the winch cable on the bow ring. Just as I did, I took a wrong step and fell backwards into a foot of water. So now I'm soaked and have to winch the thing on to the trailer.
Can't say how happy I was when I pulled the boat up the ramp and onto level ground. Felt like victory.

So now I have to figure out whats what with the engine. Don't know whether to keep the current engine and see if it will be OK, or use my backup spare engine that is brand new fresh. In any case I have to rework the cooling.
Bill Adams

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Old June 15th, 2011, 04:20 PM
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Sounds like an average drive to work in one of my land rovers.
*not legal advice*
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