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Old May 25th, 2016, 02:12 PM
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Goldens and Rovers go together.

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Old May 25th, 2016, 02:15 PM
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Originally Posted by huibae View Post
Just got a goldendoodle that is now 12.5 weeks old. Really smart. Already house trained (pretty much) and very chill for a puppy that age.

Our last lab was super hyper and crazy as a puppy- remarkable difference.

He is toothy and likes to chew at everything including the kids.
Good to know, I would think that is a puppy phase but things/wrists are still being destroyed...

Originally Posted by galen216 View Post
We considered a bernedoodle after our Greater Swiss died but finding one to meet was near impossible. I loved my Greater Swiss, we got the short hair thinking it would be better than the Bernese for shedding. Even the short hair sheds like crazy.

As a breed though I would highly recommend them. My Greater Swiss wouldn't leave my side and I did nothing to train her that way, they are amazingly loyal.
Thanks, I will check them out as well. I am looking for a loyal dog. Ideally be able to train the animal to walk without a leash.

Originally Posted by Hardtimes View Post
This may sound a bit out of the norm but if you have any local animal shelters, go volunteer a few times.. It would be a great bonding experience for the two of you and you might be amazed at the puppy that captures your heart... Just my two cents worth..
We do have 3, we look all the time however they are all terrier mixes or pit bull mixes. I have had terriers, I dont want to do that again. To territorial and didnt play well with others.

Pitbulls I dont have an issue with, just never cared for them as much as labs, retrievers.

I do believe the method of youll know when you feel it. Thats how ive made all important decisions thus far and its worked out (more or less)

Originally Posted by rover4x4 View Post
inlaws have some type of doodle dog, its a smart dog and learns quickly. She is smarter than her owners, she is about 14 months old. My wife and I inherited a 75lb golden retreiver, she is as sweet as she can be. Ive never had a dog this food driven or lazy. The Golden is probably at the bottom of my list of dogs I would own...

Ive had Brittany Spaniels since I was a kid, love em as we are wired the same. First 1-2/3 years of puppydom (brittany spaniel) are WFO. I imagine I will always have a Brittany Spaniel in the herd, they arent for lazy people.
I have family members who have/had them.. I always felt they were active when you wanted them to be and calm when you needed them to be. To each their own, Brittany spaniels may be to active for what we are looking for but thanks for the 2 cents. Maybe in the future when we have more land.

Originally Posted by slorocco View Post
We've got an 18 month old goldendoodle. Great dog. She's got a good disposition and has been remarkably easy to train. She does have a lot of energy still, but is starting to mellow a bit. The no shedding part is great. I was not a fan of the -doodle mixes but it's what my wife wanted. I am now very much in love with this dog. She does require some regular (weekly) brushing at a minimum to prevent matting in the hair.

She's stabilized in weight now at around 55 lbs.
Good to know, sounds like he/she working great!
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