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Old February 21st, 2012, 04:58 AM
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Matthew Greenspan
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There is a lot of hate towards this series re-vinned(sp) 2010 110. If it were a series re-vinned 1983 110 you guys would drool and make it the top viewed build thread on the site. He stated you can't drive it on the roads legally. What more do you want?
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Old February 21st, 2012, 07:12 AM
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Old February 21st, 2012, 02:11 PM
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Jackie Treehorn
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I have titled/registered/insured various different vintage and exempt vehicles here in Massachusetts and can tell you with absolute certainty that the RMV (DMV) will not issue a title without a physical inspection of the vehicle's VIN when the VIN does not come up in their system as a NHTSA 17-digit VIN.
Older cars with 9-digit VINs, ROW Defenders with the non-US country code in the 17-digit VIN etc will all trigger this inspection. No way around it. Other states may be more loose, but that is the way it is here for sure. Inspection can be done by any sworn law enforcement officer. I had a local cop come out for all of them. THey peak at the VIN (wherever you tell them it is) and they don't crawl around looking at the frame VIN. We talked for about 30 minutes about cars each time.

Still, when you present them with paperwork saying it's a 1972 or whatever, it will definately trigger more than a few red flags. Years ago (before 110's were legally exempt) I looked at an '84 110 that was titled as a '61 Series truck. Never bought it, it was way too "in-your-face" incorrect.

My point here is that there about at least a dozen things that need to fall in line for you to be driving this 2010 Puma with even a touch of legality. You may nail 10 out of 12 things in the "list", but are you prepared to lie or fudge the other few? I know of more than a few Pumas running around and tip my hat to the owners for having the recources and stones to obtain and drive them. Wish I had one.

How this became titled as a 1972 is beyond me, but once the VIN has been tampered with, I'd say run away like a scalded monkey. Damaged goods.
Still, in all honesty part of me really drools over this and would love to have the recources to stick the entire 2010 Puma package on my legit '85 frame.

It's nice to see him selling as a "parts truck", at least the seller is being honest. $75,000 for parts is a bit optimistic though. If he's looking to be made whole, that is also optimistic. He made a mistake and usually there is a penalty associated with that. Shame to see the truck broken up, but that's the only real legal option IMO. However, it would have to be a small shop or private person because none of the usual suspects (restorers) would want to risk the possibility of the Feds sniffing around their shops. It's just not worth it to them.
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Old February 21st, 2012, 04:07 PM
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Ian Gregory
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Yup, same thing here in AZ. Out of state trucks wanting an AZ title or non-compliant VINs need an inspection. Done at certain DMV stations or by a State Police Officer. If there are questions from that on the VIN/Identity then it goes up a notch. Has to be taken to a DMV station and gets a higher level look over. That's the one where your truck goes into a little garage with a man in greasy overalls and the door rolls down. They DO then crawl on the ground checking frame VINs and stuff. This is mainly intended for salvage or 'rebuilt' vehicles. Now if your cop shows up and sees a shiny new truck on 72 papers he doesn't have to think it's ID is wrong or bogus, just that you have obviously rebuilt it. He's then probably gonna call for a Level III so that the source of the parts you used can be verified to make sure they are not stolen.

Just for shits and giggles I would point out that the frame VIN is not the only other way to tell the vehicles original identity. A truck this late has a number of different little hidden markings that point back to its original manufacturer records. Land Rover and all other (European at least) manufacturers are required to put markings on the vehicle that can help to identify it if the normal ones are removed or damaged. Microdots on major components and or coded numbers in out of the way places that sort of thing. They will respond to a law enforcement enquiry by fax or email with details on markings and record look ups to help identify a suspect vehicle.

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