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Old August 13th, 2009, 02:07 PM
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Smile Wise words


Thankyou for the words of wisdom. This guy will not be wanting to do the work himself. Better to spend a little more upfront than in the rear. That is all I was trying to get across to you guy' s chiming in with negativity.
Just looking to help out a future Landie fellow. I will be in touch Mike. Thankyou.
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Old August 13th, 2009, 02:08 PM
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One additional point I have to add to this is that nice, low miles, original trucks generally don't stay that way if driven daily. It is probably less of an issue for you in Colorado, but around here (especially the ones in NJ for some reason), if someone buys a nice low miles truck and does not garage it, drives it in the winter, etc. it turns into a pile in a few years assuming it was not one to begin with. Having looked at more than a few NAS 110s up close and having taken apart a couple (in additional to working on several 109s which are of similar construction), I can say that they are worse than the D90s for rust. I have a firm belief that you cannot keep the bulkhead, seatbox and t-pieces from rusting unless you have removed them from the truck and keeping a frame nice is also difficult. OTOH -- and maybe you can't afford ECR level work to do this -- but a less than perfect truck, updated with a new (or repaired and galvanized) frame (including brake and fuel lines etc.), bulkhead (ideally with the newer heat and AC) and t-pieces -- even if that was all that was done to it -- seems like a better value as a driver than a low miles minty 110.

Another option is the "stretched" D90. With decent enough NAS D90s getting under 20k (compared to decent 110s at twice that, and even the worst NAS 110s at 30k) and the desirability of the D90 style HVAC, bulkhead etc. and the relative availablity of 110 frames and body parts and now cages, it is not that much labor to do the conversion and is particularly desirable if you want an auto transmission. Yes, you sort of have to know what you are doing and making sure you have all the parts is somewhat challenging, but it has been done in two weeks by people who really didn't have much experience.
*not legal advice*
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Old August 13th, 2009, 10:59 PM
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Was not trying to be to negative,just trying to give your friend a real sense of how it is to drive a 110. Wait until the summer and they get to enjoy the heat coming from the footwells that the ac cant keep up with or the smell of burning oil. These are just some the real facts of enjoying a Land Rover I dont think some people consider before they buy. Kind of like buying that puppy in the window of the pet store at the mall and then three months later the house is tore up and your vet bills are killing you. That is a 110, but I love them and expect that. I also dont think spending 70k on one will get you away from those problems and I doubt it would be worth that when or if it was to be sold. Not negativity just my experince from owning four Defenders.
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Old August 14th, 2009, 07:14 AM
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Guys, don't forget- this isn't John's first rodeo!! He knows all this, and is simply trying to help his wife's employer- that is plenty of incentive to prewarn the buyer me thinks. Even if the buyer had one for a w/e to test, it would just hook him all the more. It is truely like the Great Dane puppy, and the test drive is the 'cute little' stage. Conversely, if you have the room and knowledge, the Great Dane is as their nick name implies- the 'Super Dog', kinda like the 110...... I've figured out, as many have- change the steering wheel and hub, add some seat risers, etc, and it can be driven almost comfortably. I like it as it won't let you fall asleep driving those 20 hour days- and I have done it many times in a Defender- just last month in fact. Colorado and back in 4.5 days w/ a day on the trails. m2c
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